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How and why do you need to visit us?

Where are we located?

From routine exams to urgent care, immunizations, and occupational services, our facility is equipped to handle a wide range of healthcare needs under one roof.

Why choose us?

In case of an emergency, we assure you that our network of Walk In Urgent Care facilities spans across the entire state of Ohio, smartly outlined geographically ensuring accessibility to you when you need it the most.

What makes our locations unique?

Our locations contain a clean, secure, and respectful environment for patient comfort, enhancing staff health and the quality of care we provide.

What We Treat

We provide effective, active and timely treatment to all our patients with reliability and safety under experienced medical guidance.

Featured Service

Services We Provides

Walk-In Urgent Care

Experience healthcare without boundaries at our one-stop destination.

Preventative Services

We aim to improve public health and provide ways to prevent the ailments that can be escaped before they begin.

Routine Exams

Complete follow ups are available at your convenience here


Vaccinations and immunizations accessible to you here for the eradication and control of illnesses that can be controlled- Prevention is indeed better than cure.

Lab Tests

From Urinalysis to X-Rays- A wide range of lab tests and facilitation present at your ease

DOT Physicals

Public safety along with caution- get your DOT Physical done to drive securely and surely.

Immigration Physicals

We preserve national health and rights for you. Ensure a healthy journey with us.

School & Sports Physicals

Every child needs the right amount of attention with a complete health check and balance regularly.

Occupational Services

Mental wellbeing along with physical fitness of employees is taken care of soundly and seriously here.

User Pre-Employment Physicals

Your gateway to a healthy and capable workforce, ensuring a fit match between employees and job demands.

Drug Screening

Your blood, urine, hair and saliva samples narrate the dangers of drug use to you through us.


Connecting you with expert care from the comfort of your own space—seamless, convenient, and personalized healthcare at your fingertips.

Online Bill Pay

Simplifying your healthcare experience with a user-friendly platform for transparent and hassle-free payment management.

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