Our Commitment

Walk In Urgent Care makes a commitment to each patient to ensure patient focused service in every aspect of care. Every aspect of service from answering telephones to providing care has been devised to enhance each patient’s visit to our clinic. Our commitment adds value to not only each patient, but also to the surrounding communities we serve. We strive to make a positive impact in each and every community we serve.

Pursuit to Perfection


Our Background

Walk In Urgent Care has been successfully operating this profound and community-based medical facility since 2010. We have been successful in expanding our extraordinary health care services over time and have remained reliable throughout our journey. This has led us all to be closer to you in profound ways.

Convenience and Accessibility

Due to our care-centric approach, Walk In Urgent Care is successfully available to you at 25+ locations all over Ohio now. This expansion was made with the convenience of all our patients in mind. Walk In Urgent Care exhibits an accessible and highly practical approach.

Facility Overview

We have experienced and professional medical practitioners to cater to your needs with the most convenient yet suitable treatments. We indulge you in a clean and welcoming environment with minimal waiting time and almost no hassle. Our services are not only reliable but also patient-centric.