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Walk-in Medical

Injuries and illnesses are never convenient. That is why Walk In Urgent Care is staffed by talented physicians ready to treat you on your time - no appointment is ever necessary. Just walk in and we will make sure you feel better now.

Preventative Services

As your trusted health care partner, we care for you and your family all year, even when you are healthy. All the convenience of walk-in medical care is available for preventative services.

Services Include: Routine Exams

School physical
Sports/camp physical
Annual physical



Lab Testing (-Same or next day results* )

Rapid strep, Mono
Glucose, Pregnancy
Urinalysis, CBC's
PSA, Cholesterol panel
Thyroid panel, STD testing
*Available for most lab tests

Most commonly seen illnesses include:

Colds and flu
Respiratory infections
Sinus infections
Cuts and scrapes
Broken bones
Sprains and strains
Urinary tract infections
Sore throat
Sexually transmitted diseases